“Men say it’s criminal what women will do…

…What they’re forgetting is,  this is 1922!”

Somewhere in the archives, there is a photograph of me aged 15 in a flapper outfit and bob wig performing songs from “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. Well, you may not feast your eyes on that old treat but here for your eyes only is a 22 year old toned down version of a 1920s moi. This outfit was pulled together in about ten minutes for a 1920s evening that was held in my college.


I’ve even thrown in a pout, pearls and a feather collar! I also had a feather boa which I lent to a friend visiting from Guernsey … there were feathers all over my room for days!

PS. Watch “Thoroughly Modern Millie” if you get a chance. It stars a young Julie Andrews and the hilarious Carol Channing, who originated the role of ‘Dolly’ in ‘Hello, Dolly!’ on Broadway.

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