Back in the Tundra

I have been back at University for a couple of days now… still not really unpacked! Most of my clothes and bits are still in suitcases/underbed storage… the only things I took out were my bedding, books that I need for my essays and my prized and oversized Cheshire cat (to sit on my desk and alleviate the essay tension)


I had two flights on sunday and was really tired when I landed at Newcastle airport. I was a diva. I coerced some unsuspecting guys into helping me with stiff luggage trolleys and my million* suitcases (Hey, if I can have 40kg for free for being a student from the Channel Islands, I will pack enough books to fill a library.. and will also pack several accessories. It is winter after all, the season of endless possibilities for coat/hat/scarf combinations)

I had booked a taxi for one from the airport, however the taxi firm I had booked tried to fit me into a tiny car with three other people and all their suitcases – the boot wouldn’t actually shut – so I ditched and caught a ride with some guys from Jersey (same guys I forced to help me with my stuff, shameless) which actually worked out cheaper than the other driver had quoted. Twenty pounds vs Eleven pounds…

So, anyway, I had a pleasant drive in a spacious car with leather seats, admired the Angel of the North and chatted until we arrived and I was dropped off back at college to be greeted with….


A golden flamingo from my friend Ina and some dessert rubbers from Ellie – suitably random. For now they will decorate this clinical room bare of all my posters and sparkle until I am done with my assignments.

The macaron necklace I mentioned has been unpacked… behind you can see my pitifully empty noticeboard.

I woke up this morning to snow ^^ My room looks out over the Botanical Gardens of the University – currently blanketed in snow – and it really makes for a beautiful winter woodland scene. I will post some photos… for now just imagine me in a snowy Narnia or forest scene from Bambi 😉

*three. I had three suitcases. And a satchel. I snuck two pieces of hand luggage onto my flight. Stealthy old me

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