It’s the Easter weekend, what could be more topical than an Easter bunny? I admit he doesn’t look too festive right now, but give him time to settle into the Easter spirit. This is Chino – he is a dwarf lop, just over a year and a half old and is fully house trained. Although rabbits are very quiet, he has a headstrong character and provides our household with a lot of entertainment, with his crazy helicopter jumps and affectionate nuzzling. Words can’t describe how much I adore this little guy… every time I leave home to go on my travels, ¬†I just want to scoop him up and take him with me. If you had asked me two years ago whether I thought rabbits would make entertaining and personable pets I would have been doubtful, but they are actually very rewarding animals to have as pets. Chino never ceases to surprise me with the little quirks and¬†mannerisms that he displays. For example, he likes to curl up in front of the television, and always inspects new or out of place objects. If you’re considering getting a pet, then I would strongly advocate getting a rabbit – just beware of cables on display and make sure you supervise them around wooden furniture… they do like to chew on things!

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