April Snaps


A few pictures from this month. Not particularly sassy, they were very quickly snapped with a filter or three slapped over them. Most of the pictures are of stuff I received in the post – a free Glossybox, an alternative Ariel tank top from Poland, and some Lush goodies. It’s been quite a hectic week, running around like a headless chicken hither and thither… but if I have to run up and down the hills of Durham, then I will do so whilst smelling of milkshakes, sea salt and raspberry ripple ice creams (odd combination but it works), wearing a T-shirt with a tattooed disney mermaid, thank you very much.



Poisson d’avril

I have been back home for 15 days now (and have a lot of work to complete before I return back for the last term of Uni, garrrrgh) Home is pretty grand. I have been enjoying the company of my family, friends… and books. Todays heralds the beginning of a new month – the first of April, that day of the year where you have to look for joke articles in the newspapers, take bad news with a pinch of salt and let all the Easter chocolate slowly slink down your throat to your thighs. March is over, spring has supposedly sprung, although I think the whole of the United Kingdom begs to differ, and creme eggs are passé (it’s ok, I prefer Kinder Surprise anyway).

Yesterday was Easter Sunday – I’m 22, my brother is 15, we’re old and yet we still searched for eggs in the garden. Last year I was in Germany and had to make do with coloured boiled eggs placed on the shelves in my flat rather than an Easter Egg hunt in the garden – so it was nice to revive a tradition of old.

I tried and failed to get a sweet Easter style picture of Chino. Turns out rabbits won’t pose adorably with chocolate eggs. They will try and eat the eggs because, surprise, bunnies love chocolate. The eggs, however, escaped unscathed and poor Chino was placed behind bars.


He is ridiculously cute, I know, I know, and please rest assured, he did not remain under capture for long. In the late afternoon, I went to my aunt’s, as it was her birthday – she’s a cake baker extraordinaire, as I mentioned in my first ever post, and on this occasion  she’d made a particularly wondrous cake, which was Easter themed, as you can see below.


Tonight I’m going out for a German meal – I’m looking forward in particular to the dessert on the menu (because I obviously have not had enough chocolate or cake over the weekend)
The dessert is described ainsi

“Poor Knights ( German Version of French Toast ) “Easter Style “ with Cinammon Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream
Arme Ritter “Auf Oster Art “ mit Zimt Zucker und Vanille Eis”

When I lived in Konstanz, my friend Flo used to make French toast for Anne Ce and I all the time – I’d go so far as to say that it became a staple part of Anne Ce’s diet. And ice cream was a part of mine…. Konstanz has great ice cream parlours! In any case I am really looking forward to trying the version that will be served up tonight – and savouring a little bit of the past! (how very Proustian).

Besides spending time thinking about food… and chocolate, I have been enjoying BBC iplayer – in particular “In the Flesh”, a three part mini series about Zombies (or sufferers of PDS – Partially Deceased Syndrome) and the return of “Doctor Who”. Luke Newberry was outstanding in his role as tormented Kieran Walker – the last episode of the series was emotionally charged, with an important message about mental health issues. If you’re into the supernatural and psychology, then I would definitely give it a watch.

Well, on that note, I’m off to prepare my face for the German meal…. here’s hoping the French toast lives up to my expectations!




It’s the Easter weekend, what could be more topical than an Easter bunny? I admit he doesn’t look too festive right now, but give him time to settle into the Easter spirit. This is Chino – he is a dwarf lop, just over a year and a half old and is fully house trained. Although rabbits are very quiet, he has a headstrong character and provides our household with a lot of entertainment, with his crazy helicopter jumps and affectionate nuzzling. Words can’t describe how much I adore this little guy… every time I leave home to go on my travels,  I just want to scoop him up and take him with me. If you had asked me two years ago whether I thought rabbits would make entertaining and personable pets I would have been doubtful, but they are actually very rewarding animals to have as pets. Chino never ceases to surprise me with the little quirks and mannerisms that he displays. For example, he likes to curl up in front of the television, and always inspects new or out of place objects. If you’re considering getting a pet, then I would strongly advocate getting a rabbit – just beware of cables on display and make sure you supervise them around wooden furniture… they do like to chew on things!